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Thrift Shopping Haul + My Top Thrift Shopping Tips

I have been going through a bit of a fashion revival since I moved into this new phase of life. I realized over the last few weeks, and kind of over the last few years really, that my wardrobe just wasn't working for me. So I'm embarking on a new fashion journey that includes sustainable fashion choices and practices, thrift shopping, and creating a capsule wardrobe. I hope you're excited to embark on this journey with me!

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Instagram Round Up + Friday Favorites Link Up with Lizzie in Lace

Hey there everyone! Today's blog post is another new one around these parts. I've been up to my eyeballs in boxes and unpacking and getting this house in order that I haven't really had time to get into a blogging routine yet but I promise some really amazing content is coming your way. BUT today's post is super exciting because I'm collaborating with Lizzie in Lace, a seriously amazing petite fashion blogger, to co-host her Friday Favorites Link Up! I'm so excited to be working with a blogger I've seriously admired for years so I hope Y'all are as excited about this as I am! 

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A Festive Frock for the Fourth

When I picked this little red and white dress up at J. Crew Factory a few weeks ago, I knew instantly that I was going to be grabbing it all summer. It's totally light and breezy and basically screams summer. Not to mention red is such a hot color trend right now. I normally am not the type of girl to pull off a red dress but man do I feel good in this one! I originally purchased this floral frock back in May as a last minute option for West Point grad week and ended up wearing it to Justin's graduation parade where we got this amazing snapshot. Name a more iconic couple, I'll wait. 

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How to Buy Lilly Pulitzer on a Budget + Lilly Pulitzer ReSale Glossary!

Confession time: I have never bought something from Lilly Pulitzer that was full price. In fact, the only Lilly Pulitzer item that I've ever even gotten that was full price was the dress I wore for our first engagement pictures. (PS: you can read all of my advice on engagement pictures here and here). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer but there is no way between wedding planning and paying rent that I could buy Lilly Pulitzer at full price. 

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What's in My Handbag - R. Riveter Patton

You guys! I've got a super fun post today. I'm going real OG here on the blog with an old school "what's in my handbag" post! The twist? I'm showing you what's in my R. Riveter Patton, my little "do everything, go everywhere" bag. If you've seen me out and about, chances are you've seen me with either of my two R. Riveter Patton handbags. Becuase the Patton is so small, I figured I would show you all why it truly is my favorite little bag around. 

The Patton alone provides 7 military spouses with mobile, flexible income. How cool is that? Just like the woman it's named after, the Patton is my go-to bag for pulling double, triple, even quadruple duty. You can find more information about the R. Riveter Patton here and don't forget to use the code RRDARRIAND at checkout for 15% off. 

Now, let's get right into what's in my handbag: R. Riveter Patton edition!

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How to Style a Vintage Sweatshirt Straight Out of your Mom's Closet!

I think we can all agree that when I find a clothing item I love, I wear it over and over and over again. Can we all take a moment to appreciate my love for this amazing Target sweater and that troll on Instagram who called me out for wearing it "too  much to be a fashion blogger." Sorry, I'm not sorry, but I've already worn this vintage Tina Turner sweatshirt at least 3 times in the last week. What can I say, it's THE PERFECT vintage sweater.

All of my life I remember my parents having this cedar chest in their bedroom that held a random assortment of things, mostly my baby clothes. Somehow after their divorce, all of that stuff ended up shoved into the dresser in  my room at my dad's house. That's where I found this gem. I've actually had it hanging in my closet for close to a year now but didn't think to wear it until recently when we went running around NYC

My mom and her twin sister, so the story goes, purchased this sweater at a concert for $50 by splitting the cost. Needless to say, I think they both really liked the fact that I decided to pull it out and become obsessed with it.

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The Perfect LBD for an Important Night - USMA Class of 2018 100th Night Recap

I don't know about Y'all but I'm definitely the type of girl that loves any excuse to get dressed up. But I get particularly excited to dress up for one of Justin's West Point class events.  Saturday night, we got dressed up to celebrate the USMA Class of 2018's 100th Night banquet! 100th Night celebrates 100 (or less) days until graduation and is a pretty huge moment. 

The 100th Night banquet is a little different because it's typically semiformal and the cadets get to wear suits! Justin looked so handsome in his suit and tie. When I was choosing my dress for the evening I struggled to find something I felt would flatter me, not be too cold, and would be something I could ultimately wear again. 

Enter, the perfect LBD from Eliza J. 

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Target Universal Thread Try On Haul - Insta Story Try On Haul

Y'all LOVE when I get on Insta Story and do a try on haul so I figured I should also start sharing some of my favorites over here on the blog as well for those of you who may not follow me on Instagram yet (which like, why the heck are you not already?!). I am particularly excited to share my latest Insta Story Try On Haul with you guys because it featured some really great pieces from Target's new line, Universal Thread. 

Universal Thread is a denim line that Target launched last week and features jeans starting at $24.99 and signature closet staples under $30. Plus, the line includes a wide variety of size options including plus size, as well as long and short lengths. *Praise hand emojis* I knew immediately that I needed to get my hands on as much of the line as I could to test it out so I took to the internet and placed my order! Four packages later, here's what we got:

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5 Reasons It's Time to Ditch Your Old Wardrobe + Where to Start

Holy crap, Y'all. How is it February? Did ya blink and miss the first month of 2018... cause I sure did! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to kick off February with a fun series all about overhauling your wardrobe! If you're anything like me then you still have a closet filled with clothes you don't wear, are falling apart, or that you've had since high school. Actually, if you're really like me then you answered yes to all of the above. Yikes.

Something I realized this past month is that I do not have a wardrobe that's ready to transition into this next phase of life with me. So on a free Saturday in January, I went through everything. And I mean EVERYTHING guys. I can't even begin to tell you how many pairs of underwear I threw out. Anyways, one of the things I learned about Y'all from that reader survey I did back in December is that you're all in a very transitional period of life too! While we might not all be transitioning into the same phase of life, a transitional period is a great time to makeover your wardrobe. 

Now, aside from actually just going through my clothes, I had NO idea how to actually start with a closet overhaul. As with most of the content on this blog, I try to write stuff that I myself would search for so if you've stumbled on this page because you think you're in need of a style makeover then stay tuned because this series is about to be LIT. 

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What I Wore to My Winter Bridal Shower - Winter Bridal Shower Outfit Idea

First, let me apologize that I did not get a chance to actually shoot my bridal shower outfit. My plan for this post was to actually do a photoshoot for it but I never got a chance to the weekend of my shower and my photographer (aka Justin) was busy literally all weekend and there was no way it was happening. Since I literally spent no time in my bridal shower recap post talking about my outfit, however, I still wanted to bring this post to you guys today! 

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Dupes for my Favorite Target Bishop Sleeve Sweater

Y'all have been going crazy over this Bishop Sleeve sweater from Target. I get it because I'm also obsessed with this sweater (obviously, as I have it in both colors and it's all over my Instagram. #SorryNotSorry). The sad thing is that Target apparently didn't realize how popular the bishop sleeve sweater was going to be and it's pretty much sold out! Bummer.

I shared on Instagram that I would be rounding up a ton of dupes for the sweater on the blog today. This post is gonna be super short because I'm writing it before heading out of town for the holiday's but I hope some of these sweaters will fill the void that not being able to get the bishop sleeve sweater from Target has left in your life. Dramatic? Maybe, but that's how good this sweater is!

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A Red Sweater and Plaid Skirt for the Holidays

Christmas is one of those holidays where everything you do, no matter how big or small, is filled with memories of some sort. This is truly what I love the most about the holiday season. One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was getting to pick out a new outfit for Christmas Eve services. 

Being a preacher's daughter, my dad was always working on Christmas Eve so that's how we would spend the night before Christmas. Church service would usually be followed by some sort of dinner and cookies and Christmas jammies. 

I may be more than halfway to 26, but there's still something about picking out a Christmas Eve outfit that I still love. 

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The Hunt for the Perfect Statement Sleeve Sweater

Have you ever loved a piece of clothing SO MUCH because finally getting your hands on it was like the sweetest of victories? This sweater is one of those items for me. Let's rewind back to a few Target trips ago when I was meandering around the A New Day Section looking for clothes I didn't really need. I happened to see this sweater on the mannequin and just knew I had to have it. It's the perfect amount of statement sleeve for my petite frame and even though I didn't really know how to wear statement sleeves, I knew it would be a great piece to start playing around with. 

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The 9 Best Picks from the Nordstrom Fall Sale

Guys, I have been so out of the sale loop lately. I had no idea that the Nordstrom fall sale started on November 1st! What a great surprise I saw when I was getting on their website the other day to browse for dresses for an upcoming event in February. I figured we would round out this week’s blog posts with something a little upbeat and do a roundup of the great finds you can snag during the Nordstrom Fall sale!


There are a ton of great pieces available that are perfect for both fall and winter. I went ahead and  created links for 9 great pieces that I’m currently drooling over. Each of these pieces would make a great addition to any wardrobe, especially some of the more classic investment pieces such as the Stuart Weitzman booties or the J. Crew blazer. Let me know what you think of my picks and be sure to let me know if you’re planning on getting anything from the Nordstrom Fall Sale!

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How to Define Your Personal Style for Fall 2017 featuring Lost Appalachia Trading Company

I have not always been a style expert… if you can even call me that now. Trust me when I say that I made my fair share of fashion mistakes over the years but my biggest fashion mistake of all was not defining my personal style until I was well into my twenties. (And by well into my twenties, I mean like the last year or so).

In middle school I was a total tomboy, in high school I was super preppy, and in college? Totally a hipster. Seriously, sometimes I look back at my old Instagram pictures and cringe at the way my style was all over the place. Not only was this totally confusing to myself and everyone around me, it also cost a fortune because I was constantly switching things up and never getting rid of anything. I was broke and had a closet that was bursting at the seams!

I ran a poll a while back on Twitter about what y’all wanted to see more of and I got a resounding cry for more fashion related posts so here is the first in what I hope to be many more to come! To me, fashion is an outward expression of who you are. That’s why I will never, ever, tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear. We all like different things! I will, however, do my best to give you super easy-peasy, actionable steps to help you define your personal style, starting with Fall 2017! (PS: I hope it totally feels like fall where you are because it sure doesn’t here in New York yet).

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4 Things You Absolutely Must Do BEFORE Buying from an Online Boutique

Online boutiques are all the rage nowadays. It seems like everywhere you look someone is starting up a new online boutique. While online boutiques offer a great selection of unique and curated items, sometimes shopping online boutiques can be a stressful experience. I know more than once I’ve been fed up with my experience shopping at particular online stores.

Dealing with different brands, zero reviews, and a lack of diversity in model shape can lead you to have absolutely no idea what you’re going to end up getting once you’ve ordered. So today I figured I would take some of my “lessons learned” from shopping online boutiques and share them with you! After all, that’s what friends are for, right? I know you’re all dying for these tips so let’s get right into what you absolutely must do BEFORE buying from an online boutique.

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R. Riveter Handbags, #BagsOnAMission Brand Ambassador

When I first started dating Justin, I had a vague understanding of what my future would hold if we got serious, admittedly, most of which I had only seen through television. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what it’s like to be a military spouse or significant other. I’ve heard all of the horror stories about how terrible military spouses and significant others are to each other (I mean, have you watched Army Wives?), how difficult it is to find employment as a military spouse, stereotypes about how all I’ll end up doing is having kids, etc. You name a military spouse stereotype, someone has told me that’s what my life is going to amount to as Justin and I begin this next chapter of our lives. Heck, even the West Point Girlfriend’s Group has a bad reputation for being filled with catty, obnoxious women.

I know, the world isn’t perfect and every group has it’s bad seeds, but if you look past the stereotypes, you’ll find something truly amazing. I have always struggled with feeling like I belong. If you’ve read my 5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College, then you’ll know that one of those things is that I didn’t join a sorority. I’m not saying that being a military significant other is like being in a sorority but I do feel like I’ve finally found that sense of community I have always been looking for.

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My Favorite Places to Shop for Game Day Fashion

Y’all, my favorite season of the year is finally here! Nope, not fall. I’m talking about football season! Like the good “southern” girl that I am, I was raised on football and they were always a cause for celebration in our home. Cue lots of food and family time in front of the television (or radio). My love for football only magnified when I went to my first WVU football game as a Freshman in college.

Now, when I was a freshman and honestly even a sophomore, game day fashion was not nearly as exciting as it is now. By the time I was in my senior year, the southern game day style for football games had exploded into something you really needed your own separate wardrobe for. Gone are the days of the simple college t-shirt and jeans. When I moved to New York, I was in for a bit of culture shock when it comes to football games. They definitely don’t do it the same as in the south. However, in true football school fashion, I still try my best to incorporate fun and fashionable game day styles into my post-grad wardrobe. While I may have traded blue and gold for black and gold, here are some of my favorite places to shop for game day fashion!

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