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Introducing the AM Coffee Collective Book Club!

YOU GUYS. I am so excited to finally be writing this post. Starting a virtual book club has been something I’ve been dying to do for… well, for a very long time. And the day has finally come! I’ve hinted that there are going to be some pretty big changes coming to the blog and the AM Coffee Collective in the next couple weeks and I’m happy to say that the AM Coffee Club Book Club is one of those things! I’ve started calling the book club AMCC Reads (but feel free to share book club names in the comments). Basically, the point of today’s post is to introduce you to the book club and to give you information on how you can join!

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Saturday Morning Coffee #31 - What I'm Reading This Week

Reading has been my favorite past time for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I distinctly remember weekly trips to the local public library where I would come home with at least 10 books every time. This voracious reading is something I continued through high school until I got to college. In college, I took a lot of English literature classes, even before I was an English major, which meant I was still always reading something. I didn't have time to really read for fun though because I was just so exhausted from the amount of reading I would do for classes. 

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Three Free iPhone Backgrounds for August + Introducing Coffee Break!

Boring email newsletters are a thing of the past. Wanna know why? Because Coffee Break is here! Coffee Break is the official newsletter of the AM Coffee Collective that will be launching this month! I have worked tirelessly to develop a newsletter that I know you'll love because I love it. When I was developing the AM Coffee Collective newsletter, I thought long and hard about the kind of newsletters I subscribe too. Each of the newsletters is completely different from each other but I wanted to find a way to incorporate all of the things I love about each of those newsletters into the AM Coffee Collective newsletter so that I knew it would have something for every member of our community. PS: Have you joined our community yet?

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